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AP.Bren’s win in M5 World Championship cements the legacy of Filipino dominance in MLBB

The M5 World Championship of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has concluded with a breathtaking finale that saw AP.Bren secure victory over ONIC Esports in a nail-biting 4-3 showdown. This championship marks the second time the Bren Esports organization has claimed the prestigious title, making them the first-ever two-time world champions in MLBB history.

A Historic Streak for Filipino Teams in The M5 World Championship:

The Philippines continues to dominate the Mobile Legends world, with Bren Esports extending the streak of Filipino teams claiming the championship for the fourth consecutive year. The journey began with Bren Esports at M2 in January 2021. Followed by Blacklist International at M3 in December of the same year, and ECHO securing the title at M4 in January 2023.

The exceptional skills of Filipino players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and their high demand on the global stage can be attributed to a unique blend of factors. Experts explain crucial elements for this winning streak. Also, emphasis on creating a supportive environment, sincerely competitive attitudes, and fostering a strong team bond among Filipino players. Promotes an unwavering commitment to MLBB esports. One expert adds that the MLBB scene in other regions is still evolving. Making Filipino players highly sought after for their competitive edge and experience gained in the thriving Filipino MLBB community.

In 2022, various MLBB professional leagues began recruiting Filipino talents, leading to their significant presence in the MLBB World Championships. The top six teams in M4 all featured Filipinos as players or coaches. This trend has continued, with Filipinos comprising 20% of the participants in the just concluded M5 World Championship. Totaling 23 out of 114 players. When considering coaches and analysts, the Filipino representation extends to 33 individuals. Impressively, 35% of the teams in the Knockout rounds (six out of eight teams) are coached by Filipinos.

The Epic Battle:

The grand final of the M5 World Championship lived up to expectations. Featuring a Clash of the Titans between AP.Bren and ONIC Esports. The best-of-seven rounds delivered intense moments and captivated spectators worldwide. As AP.Bren emerged victorious, clinching the “best in the world” title and a substantial prize of $300,000. Their second M series trophy following their triumph at the M2 World Championship in 2021.

M5 World Championship Champion’s Journey:

The stakes were high in the M5 World Championship, with the champion claiming a substantial $300,000 prize, while the runner-up received $120,000. Furthermore, Blacklist International secured third place and a prize of $80,000, with Deus Vult taking home $55,000. The event’s prize pool was distributed among all participating teams.

MVP and Viewership Records:

FlapTzy, the EXP Laner from AP.Bren, was recognized as the MVP for his outstanding contributions, earning an additional $5,000. The grand final of the M5 World Championship achieved a remarkable peak viewership of 5 million concurrent views. Further solidifying its status as the most popular MLBB event to date. The event was broadcasted in multiple languages and channels, providing fans with a grand final filled with everything they could have wished for. Incase you miss all the action, here’s the highlight ESPORTSVID of what went down in the thrilling grand final. Click here to watch.

Looking to the Future:

As fans reflect on this memorable event, anticipation builds for the next esports year. The announcement of the M6 World Championship taking place in Malaysia, made on the grand stage of the M5, adds to the excitement and sets the stage for another thrilling chapter in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports.

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