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Binge-worthy Shows Await: Top Picks on Viu Malaysia

Looking for your next TV obsession? Look no further than Viu Malaysia! Here are the top 5 shows you won’t want to miss:

Jendela Hati (Window of the Heart)

Dive into the emotional journey of Lukman Hafizi, a man whose life loses its sparkle after his wife’s passing. This Viu Original is based on the novel by Aisya Sofea and features captivating drama.

Running Man 2024 (Korean Variety)

Get ready to laugh with the latest season of the iconic Korean variety show. Join the cast of seven hilarious regulars and their guest stars as they compete in side-splitting missions, with hilarious consequences for the losers and awesome rewards for the winners.

My Boss

A power couple is born in this Chinese drama! When the founder of a law firm and a rookie lawyer become unlikely housemates, their professional and personal lives begin to intertwine, leading to sparks and romance.

Queen of Divorce

This Viu Original tackles the complexities of marriage with a unique twist. Korea’s best divorce specialist offers a “bad spouse” punishment solution to help clients end their troubled marriages.

EXchange Season 3

Love is complicated, especially when your exes are involved! This reality dating show brings former couples back together for a season of challenges, heartbreak, and the possibility of rekindling the flame.

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Happy watching!

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