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Mastering Beatrix: The Dawnbreak Soldier in Mobile Legends

In the dynamic world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Beatrix emerges as one of the most unique marksmen. She first made her appearance in the new battle royale game mode, Survival: Nexus, and has since solidified her presence in the Land of Dawn. Beatrix’s gameplay is not for the faint of heart; she is characterized as low in durability, high in offense, and rated at maximum difficulty. If you’re a player who revels in mastering complex heroes, Beatrix is the perfect choice for you.

Beatrix sets herself apart with her extraordinary arsenal of four guns, each offering distinct attack styles. Not only do these guns provide four different ways to unleash basic attacks, but they also grant her access to four unique ultimates. To help you navigate the intricacies of this exceptional hero, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide covering Beatrix’s skills, recommended emblem and build, and easy-to-learn combos.

Beatrix’s Skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Mechanical Genius

Beatrix’s mechanical prowess shines through as she wields four awe-inspiring weapons. Notably, Beatrix cannot deal critical damage, but she converts every percentage of critical chance gained into a physical attack.

Four Guns – Renner, Benett, Wesker, Nibiru

  • Renner (green): Longshot – Fire a potent shot in the enemy’s direction, dealing substantial physical damage to the first target hit. This shot can be dodged or blocked.
  • Benett (red): Area Bombing – Select a location to bombard, inflicting physical damage and slowing all enemies in the area.
  • Wesker (yellow): Proximity Advantage – Unleash five shots at the target, with each shot dealing physical damage. Damage to targets hit multiple times diminishes.
  • Nibiru (purple): Rapid Fire – Release a volley of four shots, each causing physical damage.

Beatrix’s skills are color-coded:

  • Green for long-range shots,
  • Red for area damage,
  • Yellow for shotgun-like proximity shots, and
  • Purple for rapid, high-attack-speed shots.

All guns deal reduced damage to creeps, but those with area-of-effect (AoE) damage are excellent for clearing minion waves. For example, Renner (green) has the longest range and is ideal for poking ranged enemies in the lane. It also deals significant damage to minions and can be used for efficient wave clearing. Interestingly, both Renner (green) and Benett (red) outrange turrets, making them excellent choices for attacking structures.

First Skill – Masterful Gunner

This passive-active skill allows Beatrix to carry two weapons simultaneously, enhancing her physical attack. When activated, Beatrix swaps her primary weapon with the secondary weapon slung on her back. This swap not only changes her method of attack but also grants access to an all-new ultimate.

Second Skill – Tactical Reposition

Beatrix leaps forward and fully reloads her current weapon. The skill animation changes based on the weapon she’s using, but the effect remains the same. Tactical Reposition is her only mobility skill, so use it judiciously for offense, escape, or repositioning during battles.

Ultimate – Renner’s Apathy, Bennett’s Rage, Wesker’s Elation

Beatrix’s ultimate abilities depend on the weapon she has equipped:

  • Renner’s Apathy (green): Delivers a high-damage, precise shot to the first enemy hit.
  • Bennett’s Rage (red): Focuses her range, causing Bennett to bombard an area five times, each bomb dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. Damage decreases with successive hits on the same target.
  • Wesker’s Elation (yellow): Fires ultra bullets from Wesker, dealing substantial physical damage on each hit. The damage of successive hits on the same enemy decreases.
  • Nibiru’s Passion (purple): Unleashes 10 volleys from Nibiru, inflicting physical damage on each hit.

All ultimate skills provide a percentage of physical lifesteal but are not affected by spell vamp. After using an ultimate, you can switch guns using the first skill, Masterful Gunner, to immediately unlock a second ultimate.

Special Skill – Need Backup

After avoiding combat for three seconds, Beatrix can call for her butler, Morgan, to supply her with a backup weapons crate. During this time, she must choose two weapons from the crate, designating one as her primary and the other as her secondary weapon. If Beatrix takes any other action during this period, the weapon selection process is interrupted.

Mastering Beatrix: A Playstyle Guide

Recommended Battle Spell

While Beatrix can use Tactical Reposition for escapes, Flicker remains the most reliable battle spell. It provides an additional mobility option, crucial for both defensive and offensive maneuvers.

Recommended Emblem

The Assassin emblem is Beatrix’s best choice, offering significant boosts to adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. Select Agility in the first tier for extra movement speed, Weapons Master in the second tier for increased physical attack, and Quantum Charge as your core talent to gain periodic movement speed and HP restoration when dealing basic attack damage.

Beatrix’s Best Build

To maximize Beatrix’s passive ability and align it with the recommended emblem setup, prioritize items that provide high burst physical damage. Start with Haa’s Claws or Demon Hunter Sword for physical attack damage and lifesteal. Some players opt for Demon Hunter Sword alongside Endless Battle for sustained damage.

Incorporate Blade of Despair, Malefic Roar, and Hunter Strike into your build for substantial physical attack and penetration. As mid-to-late game approaches, consider defensive items like Immortality or Athena’s Shield to enhance survivability.

The Best Build for Beatrix in Mobile Legends

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Blade of Despair
  3. Hunter Strike
  4. Haas’ Claws/Demon Hunter Sword
  5. Malefic Roar
  6. Immortality

Easy Combos to Master

Beatrix’s versatility means she doesn’t rely on fixed combos. However, here are some effective strategies to employ:

  • Level 1 Burst Combo: Utilize Wesker’s Elation (yellow) at level one for an incredible burst of damage. Pair this with Tactical Reposition for aggressive positioning and quick reloads, guaranteeing at least four shots.
  • Area Denial Combo: Combine Tactical Reposition with Nibiru’s Passion (purple) to deal damage to multiple enemies over a larger area. This combo is excellent for controlling space and zoning opponents.

Beatrix’s unique gameplay style makes her a challenging yet rewarding hero to master in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Whether you prefer sniping from a distance or diving into close combat, Beatrix’s multi-weapon arsenal offers a wealth of strategic options. So, take your time, experiment with her abilities, and become a true gunslinger in the Land of Dawn.

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