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Mastering Yu Zhong, The Black Dragon in Mobile Legends

Meet the black dragon Yu Zhong!
He is a peerless fighter with unrivaled regeneration abilities and enormous damage potential. This character is one of the most impressive in the game, but at the same time quite difficult to control and has a variety of combat strategies. We will talk in detail about his skills, consider game tactics and suitable equipment.

As Yu Zhong, you have 4 active skills available, including the ability to transform, as well as one passive ability. Below we will take a closer look at the mechanics of this character.

Passive Skill – Cursing Touch:

This buff expands Yu Zhong’s arsenal by adding Sha Particles that are automatically applied to enemies when damaging them. Each attack accumulates Sha Essence, which can reach up to 5 particles. Each particle increases physical attack by 20%.

Thanks to this, Yu Zhong has a high damage potential and has the ability to restore his own health if he attacks the same target several times. When the Essence is completely filled, the hero receives additional benefits: +30% to movement speed and 10% lifesteal from his skills.

First skill – Dragon Tail:

This ability transforms Yu Zhong’s cloak into a weapon, allowing him to deal significant area damage. The sharp edge of the cloak also inflicts 2 additional Sha Motes on the enemy.

Second skill – Soul Grip:

Yu Zhong unleashes the power of his dragon soul, releasing a strike directly in front of him, slowing enemies by 60% for 1 second. This skill increases basic attack damage, which can double when hitting multiple targets.

Ultimate – Furious Dive:

Yu Zhong performs a powerful jump to the target area, and then the player receives an additional dash. After a short delay, a mark created on the ground will knock enemies up for one second and deal additional damage in the targeted area.

Transformation – Black Dragon Form!

To take the form of a Dragon, the character only needs 0.6 seconds to cast the spell. In this form, he freely moves throughout the map, becomes immune to control, and also deals damage and knocks back opponents around him. At the end of the spell, Yu Zhong turns into a dragonoid for 10 seconds, which increases the range of all his skills.

Recommended emblems:

Depending on the situation, Yu Zhong can be equipped with the Assassin or Fighter emblems. This depends on his position and role in the game, as well as his need for speed, health regeneration or attack power. Below are screenshots of the best selection of emblems for the Dragon.

Assassin Emblems:

Rupture – increases adaptive penetration.

Master Assassin – the character will deal more damage to a single target.

Unholy Fury – additional magic damage and mana recovery.

Fighter emblems:

Trembling – increases damage from attacks.

Bloody Feast – additional lifesteal from abilities. Increases survivability in battle.

Quantum Charge – accelerates the hero and regenerates part of his HP after dealing damage with basic attacks.

Best Spells:

Petrify – goes well with Yu Zhong’s skills. Deals magic damage to enemies, turns them to stone for 0.8 seconds, and then slows them down.


Damage and defense:

  • Warrior boots.
  • Hunter strike.
  • War axe.
  • Dominance Ice.
  • Brute force breastplate.
  • Oracle.

Playing as Yu Zhong:

Playing as Yu Zhong requires aggression and instant decisions!
The character needs to quickly and accurately damage enemies in order to activate his passive ability. The collected particles significantly increase his recovery, making him almost invulnerable.

In a massive battle, Yu Zhong is always in the foreground, acting as the main damage dealer and initiator of the fight. It’s especially effective to engage him when he’s in his Black Dragon form, so you can get the most out of him. Let’s look at combo attacks that are most effective.

When playing against one character:

The first skill allows you to quickly cast multiple particles and deal significant damage in an area.

The ultimate stuns the enemy for a short time, making him unable to react.

After a successful attack, you have the opportunity to deal the final blow with a second skill. By lunging forward, Yu Zhong deals significant damage and slows down the enemy. Thanks to this slowdown, you can always finish off the enemy with a basic attack if he managed to survive the previous skills.

In team battles, it is recommended to use the following combination:

At the beginning, use the fourth skill (transformation) to rush into the crowd and increase the range of your attacks.

Then activate the first skill to damage enemies and apply Sha Particles. These particles will increase your damage, regeneration and speed.

After that, it’s time for the ultimate, which will prevent opponents from scattering and cause significant damage in the area.

Don’t let your enemies retreat using your second skill.

Finish the combo with a basic attack.

Keep in mind that the game can become more difficult if the enemy team has players who have anti-heal, as well as against Carrie or Cloud. Arrows deal effective damage that is proportional to health.

This character is relatively difficult to use. It is important to be able to effectively use his passive skill and initiate fights correctly.

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