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Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.46: Hero Tweaks, Exciting Events, and More

Buckle up, Mobile Legends enthusiasts! MOONTON Games is rolling out the much-anticipated Patch 1.8.46 Update in the Advanced Server, signaling a wave of changes after the recent Main Server rollout. So, fresh from the introduction of Cici, developers are now fine-tuning hero balances in the main game. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of the Mobile Legends (MLBB) Patch 1.8.46 Update.

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Patch 1.8.46 Update: Hero Adjustments

Jawhead (↑)

Prepare for a revamped Jawhead experience! Developers have fine-tuned his Passive and enhanced the control dynamics of his Ultimate.
● Passive (↑): Adjustments to damage increase per stack, increase ratio per stack, and maximum stacks.
● Ultimate (↑): Stun duration increased for smoother combos.

Hanabi (↓)

The mysterious Hanabi undergoes changes to ensure her performance remains consistent across ranks. Damage is adjusted and balanced with self-defense.
● Passive (↓): Subsequent bounce damage reduced.
● Skill 1 (~): Attack speed boost effect removed, but movement speed boost increased with a reduced cooldown.

Sun (↑)

Monkey King’s time to shine with dazzling new special effects!
● Skill 1 (↓): Portion of attack effect inherited reduced.
● Skill 2 (↑): Now counts as a Basic Attack triggering the Attack Effect without the ability to crit.

Nolan (↓)

Nolan’s adjustments aim to allow other heroes more chances to escape while enhancing his lane-clearing prowess.
● Passive (↓): Slow effect removed, but the pull is strengthened with a new energy restoration effect.
● Ultimate (~): Reduced damage and cooldown adjustments.

Brody (↓)

Brody sees changes in his Basic Attack and Ultimate Cooldown to encourage a more strategic use of his ultimate ability.
● Ultimate (↓): Increased cooldown for more cautious use.

Claude (~)

Claude’s unrivaled mobility takes a slight hit, but he compensates with increased damage potential.
● Skill 2 (↓): Reduced cooldown.
● Ultimate (↑): Enhanced physical bonus.

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Patch 1.8.46 Update: Events

Gear up for exciting events with these eight free heroes available from December 22nd to December 29th, 2023, at 05:01 pm (Server Time).
● Esmeralda
● Hanzo
● Valir
● Brody
● Lapu-Lapu
● Carmilla
● Phoveus
● Floryn

StarLight Member Heroes for an extra dose of hero variety.
● Leomord
● Thamuz
● Kadita
● Yi Sun-shin
● Faramis
● Beatrix

And there you have it – the lowdown on the Patch 1.8.46 Update in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). So, get ready for an enhanced gaming experience filled with hero adjustments, thrilling events, and a dash of strategic gameplay!

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