PUBG Mobile Version 3.2 Brings Big Metro Royale Updates

PUBG Mobile’s 3.2 update, set to release on May 14, 2024, will reintroduce the Metro Royale mode with significant enhancements. The Metro Royale mode will commence on May 15, 2024, with Chapter 20 bringing new challenges and improvements.

Key Features of the Metro Royale Update

New Boss: STRIDER Chapter 20 introduces STRIDER, a formidable new boss, intensifying the battles in Metro Royale.

Quick Actions Players can now open gift packs and repair equipment, enhancing gameplay efficiency.

New Enemy and Areas Two new areas, Arctic Base and Misty Point, will feature a new enemy. Defeating these enemies will yield loot and other in-match rewards.

Additional Improvements Players will gain player and companion EXP points, and there will be a firearm status adjustment.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

120 FPS Compatibility Tencent announced that PUBG Mobile will support 120 FPS for select devices, improving the gaming experience from the current 90 FPS.

New Features in Update 3.2

The 3.2 update will also introduce Mecha Fusion Mode, jetpacks, and a self-rescue kit, adding more excitement to the game.

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