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Attack on Titan Takes Over Mobile Legends: A Fan’s Review

Brace yourselves, Mobile Legends fans! The highly anticipated Attack on Titan x MLBB collaboration has finally arrived, and we’re diving deep into the battlefield to see if it lives up to the hype in this fan’s review.

Eren: Titan wears shorts?

Yin dons the “Eren” skin, but hold your horses… Titan Eren gets pants in this version. While some might be disappointed, the skin still packs a punch. Witnessing Yin transform into a Titan and pummeling enemies within a wall is undeniably cool.

Author’s Note: However, I personally craved the grown-up, Marley-invading Eren for that extra badassery. Maybe in the next collab?

Mikasa: The Undisputed Sword Goddess

The true gem of this collab might be Fanny’s “Mikasa” skin. It’s like watching two fierce warriors merge into one unstoppable force. Fanny zips across the battlefield with deadly grace, channeling Mikasa’s signature moves. From the animation to the voice lines, everything screams Mikasa, putting the “who’s better” debate to rest. They are one and the same!

Levi: Bringing the Fearsome Fighter to Life

Martis transforms into the iconic Levi, bringing his signature intensity to the Land of Dawn. The skin’s darker design adds a chilling vibe to the battlefield, perfectly capturing Levi’s persona. While I admit anime Levi might be slightly more attractive, the open animation showcasing Levi battling the Beast Titan is pure gold. Martis and Levi complement each other like blades and lightning.

How to Join the Titan-Slaying Action

Ready to unleash your inner Titan slayer? Here’s how to snag those coveted collab skins:

  • Draw in the Event: Use diamonds to roll the dice in the collaboration event and pray for luck.
  • Participate Actively: Take part in various challenges and events to earn rewards, including skins.
  • Collect Wings of Freedom Tokens: Top up diamonds and spend wisely to get these valuable tokens for more draws.
  • Complete Bonus Tasks: Double down on earning tokens through special diamond-related tasks.
  • Claim Daily Rewards and Event Tasks: Don’t miss out on freebies by completing daily tasks and participating in event activities.
  • Gift or Receive Skins: Buddy up with friends (Level 20+) who’ve been friends for over 7 days and shower each other with skins!
  • Purchase Skins from the Event Shop: Some skins might be available for direct purchase in the shop.

Don’t Miss the JollyMax Event!

Want to maximize your Attack on Titan experience? Join the JollyMax MLBB x Attack on Titan event (Feb 2nd to March 3rd) for extra thrills and rewards.

  • Unleash the Diamond Bonanza: Top up and reveal stunning AOT skins with amazing discounts.
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So, is this collaboration worth the hype? Absolutely! While minor variations from the original characters might exist, the overall experience is thrilling, nostalgic, and undeniably fun. Whether you’re a die-hard Attack on Titan fan or just looking for a fresh gaming experience, this collab is a must-try. Now, go forth and slay some Titans (with style)!

But wait, there’s another perspective…

Not everyone is completely sold on the collaboration, particularly when it comes to the pricing. Here’s a Reddit user’s opinion:

“My biggest problem is the price. Fine I’ll admit the designs look good – Levi summoning swords from the ground is weird and how Eren transforms is also unorthodoxed, but they still technically look good. I’m not spending $100 – $300 for skins though; I used to, but as I’ve grown out of high school and bills are far more important I can’t be dropping that much. Plus, for that amount of money I might as well buy games for my PS5 for the full package. Ironically if MLBB would be more realistic with their pricing because they are still just a mobile game these skins would be $10 – $20 each. I believe more people would find that affordable and thus more people would buy probably netting them more in the long run.”

Read more reddit review here.

This raises an interesting point. While the collaboration itself seems enjoyable, the cost might be a barrier for some players. It’s important to consider different perspectives and acknowledge that affordability can play a big role in the overall experience.

To check out more skin effects and skill, check out this video from Kaira as she show the skin’s effects in full flow. Click on the image below to watch the video.

New to JollyMax? No worries, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to top-up and get the best deal:

  1. Go to JollyMax page:
  2. Log in to your account at the top right of the screen, you can do this through Facebook or Gmail. If you do not have an account you can create one easily.
  3. Select the game you want to top up.
  4. Once on the product page, select the product you want to buy then choose your payment option.
  5. Enter your Game ID and Server ID
  6. Enter your email address to get your transaction receipt.

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