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Mastering Edith: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Legends’ Forsaken Warden

In the ever-evolving realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a new dawn has risen with the introduction of Edith, the Forsaken Warden. This hybrid marvel, wielding the roles of both tank and marksman, has set the stage ablaze with her unparalleled versatility and power. As you embark on your journey with Edith, allow us to illuminate the path with this beginner’s guide, encompassing her skills, emblem choices, battle spells, combos, and the best builds that ensure you reign supreme on the battlefield.

Unveiling Edith’s Arsenal:

Passive – Overload: After every skill cast, Edith and her companion Phylax become overloaded for 3 seconds. During this period, Edith’s attacks unleash chain lightning, which can prove crucial for clearing minion waves during the laning phase and amplifying her overall damage potential.

First Tank Skill – Earth Shatter: Edith commands Phylax to deliver a seismic blow, dealing physical damage and temporarily stunning hit enemies. This skill’s well-timed usage within bushes or in conjunction with Flicker can be particularly effective in catching foes off guard.

Second Tank Skill – Onward: Edith employs Phylax to charge, damaging and potentially hurling an enemy hero over its shoulder. This skill can be utilized both offensively and defensively, granting you the advantage of mobility and crowd control.

Ultimate – Primal Wrath: By relinquishing herself from Phylax, Edith triggers a chain reaction of chaos. She ejects nearby enemies, gains a shield, and embarks on a burst of magical attacks. Wrath accumulation during her time within Phylax greatly empowers her marksman form, making strategic management of this form pivotal.

First Marksman Skill – Divine Retribution: A skill imbued with divine might, it inflicts magic damage over an area and unleashes consistent harm upon enemies within it. Utilizing this on immobilized adversaries maximizes its potential.

Second Marksman Skill – Lightning Bolt: This spell propels a Lightning Bolt in a designated direction, immobilizing and dealing damage to the initial target. A synergy with Divine Retribution can greatly amplify her damage output.

Emblems and Battle Spells:

Choosing the right emblem set and spell can dictate your success with Edith. Opting for the tank emblem is a prudent choice, fortified by talents such as Firmness and Tenacity. The Flicker spell proves indispensable, aiding Edith in escaping precarious situations and enhancing her skill synergies.

Crafting the Perfect Build:

Edith’s build should be tailored to the battlefield’s dynamics. When confronted with magic-heavy enemies, gear up with Radiant Armor and Athena’s Shield. Against physical threats, opt for Brute Force Breastplate or Antique Cuirass. For a more offensive edge, Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, or Holy Crystal will magnify her magical damage prowess. Flexibility is key, as her dual role allows her to adapt to various scenarios.

Mastering Combos:

During the laning phase, initiate battles with Onward, isolating enemies from creeps and towers. Follow this with Earth Shatter to stun them and trigger the Overload passive. In the mid to late game, fill Edith’s Wrath meter before activating Primal Wrath. Use Onward to catch out-of-position foes and Earth Shatter to stun and absorb damage before unleashing the cataclysmic power of her ultimate.

Edith, the Forsaken Warden, marks a new frontier in Mobile Legends, offering the thrill of dual roles and exceptional power. Armed with this guide, you’re equipped to harness her potential, carving a legendary path through the tumultuous battlefield. Remember, versatility is your ally, and mastery of her unique skills will lead you to triumph. Embark on this exhilarating journey, and let the clash of thunderous power resonate with every move you make!

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