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Mastering Floryn: The Budding Hope in Mobile Legends

Floryn, the support hero introduced during Mobile Legends’ 5th-anniversary celebration, brings a unique twist to the battlefield. With her ability to wield an item that boosts her stats and share its power with allies, along with her healing capabilities, she’s a valuable addition to any team. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into Floryn’s skills, strategy, and the best ways to maximize her potential in Mobile Legends.

Floryn’s Skills Unveiled

Passive – Dew

Floryn’s passive skill, Dew, revolves around her trusty Dew’s Lantern, an item in her inventory. As she accumulates energy stacks (maxing at 1000), the Lantern enhances her attributes, including magic power and movement speed. When at the Fountain, Floryn can share the Lantern’s power with an allied hero, granting them an extra piece of equipment that doesn’t occupy an equipment slot. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Floryn can’t sell the lantern.
  • She can accelerate energy accumulation by hitting enemies with her skills.
  • Sharing the lantern is most beneficial with the jungler or gold laner.
  • Prioritize reaching 1000 stacks during the laning phase for maximum power.

First Skill – Sow

Floryn’s Sow skill involves tossing an Energy Seed at an enemy, dealing Magic Damage and spawning Healing Fruits that bounce to nearby allies, restoring their health. Key aspects to note:

  • Sow can affect multiple allies and complements Floryn’s ultimate, Bloom.
  • Hitting creeps or minions with Sow also triggers the healing fruits.
  • Maintaining proximity to the target is essential for the healing fruits to appear.
  • At full energy, Sow’s attack range increases.

Second Skill – Sprout

Floryn’s Sprout skill allows her to cast a blob of energy that deals Magic Damage to the enemy hit. Upon hitting an enemy or reaching maximum range, the energy explodes, dealing extra Magic Damage and stunning enemies in the area for one second. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If the skill doesn’t hit an enemy before exploding, it won’t stun anyone.
  • Sprout can stun multiple enemies.
  • The explosion radius of Sprout increases at full energy.
  • Proper positioning is crucial to ensure Sprout directly hits enemy heroes.

Ultimate – Bloom

Floryn’s ultimate, Bloom, lets her resonate with Dew’s power, restoring HP for all allied heroes, regardless of their location on the map. It also deals Magic Damage to enemies around the allied heroes and slows them with each healing instance. Some essential tips for using Bloom:

  • Bloom heals all allies, emphasizing the importance of map awareness.
  • The skill damages enemies in its area of effect, making it useful even when allies have moderate health.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to use Bloom, as the healing effect doesn’t take effect immediately.
  • Best used in large-scale team fights where enemies are grouped together.
  • At full energy, Bloom removes regeneration and shield reduction debuffs on allied heroes.

Crafting Your Floryn Strategy

Recommended Battle Spell

Floryn’s lack of escape skills makes Flicker a valuable choice for mobility and positioning in team fights. If the enemy team has numerous crowd control abilities, consider Purify. Flameshot can be an option against squishy enemies or mages with gap-closing abilities.

Recommended Emblem

The Support emblem complements Floryn’s role by enhancing healing and shield effects, cooldown reduction, and movement speed. Here are some emblem considerations:

  • For talents, opt for Inspire in the first tier for extra cooldown reduction and Tenacity in the second tier to bolster defense when your HP drops below 50 percent.
  • Choose the Focusing Mark core talent to amplify your allies’ damage against enemies hit by your attacks.

Floryn’s Optimal Build

When it comes to Floryn’s item build, you have flexibility based on your preferred playstyle. A mix of magic and defensive items is a solid choice for starters. Keep in mind that the Lantern takes up one inventory slot. Here’s a recommended build:

  • Demon Shoes
  • Fleeting Time
  • Oracle
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Immortality

Remember, the Lantern already provides magic power, movement speed, and cooldown reduction, so focus on other aspects of your build.

Mastering Floryn’s Combos

As a support hero, Floryn doesn’t rely on fixed combos. Instead, her effectiveness depends on keen awareness and timely healing. Keep these tips in mind during battles:

  • Monitor your allies’ health and heal them as needed.
  • In team fights, cast Sprout on enemy carries.
  • Use Bloom during large-scale team fights when enemies are grouped together.

Always remember that Floryn is a squishy hero, so avoid venturing into the frontline alone. Stick with a teammate and play to her strengths as a supportive presence on the battlefield.

With these insights and strategies, you’re well-equipped to excel as Floryn, the Budding Hope, in Mobile Legends. Embrace her unique mechanics, support your team, and make a significant impact in each match. Good luck, and may your healing prowess shine brightly on the battlefield!

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