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Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan: The Collab We All Need

Step into the shoes of your fave Scout Regiment member. Because Moonton Games just about to drop the epic collab with one of the coolest anime series ever in Mobile Legends. Yup, we’re talking Attack on Titan vibes all the way. As we dive into the new year, the game developer gave us a sneak peek into the upcoming Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan mash-up, promising an epic blend of two worlds we can’t get enough of.

Straight outta Hajime Isayama’s manga. Attack on Titan is the ultimate saga where Eren Yeager is on a mission to protect his town from colossal titans. This anime’s got everyone hooked. And now, Mobile Legends players can join the action with skins inspired by the legendary Survey Corps crew.

We’re all itching for the official splash art and deets on these skins. But for now, we’ve got a taste of what’s coming on the advance server. MLBB’s hype poster asks, “How will the passionate youngsters and unique omni-directional mobility gear clash with the Land of Dawn? Stay tuned!”

Which heroes will be getting the new Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan skins?

Picture this: Fanny rocking the Mikasa Ackermann vibe, Martis channeling the beast Levi Ackermann, and Yin transforming into the unstoppable force that is Eren Yeager. Talk about leveling up the game!

How much will the skins cost?

But, hold up – before you get too hyped, these exclusive skins won’t just be handed out. Nope, you gotta roll the dice with the gacha system, and it might cost you a sweet thousand diamonds or more. Moonton Games knows how to sprinkle that anime magic, having hooked us up with Jujutsu Kaisen skins before. And let’s not forget Saint Seiya and Sanrio, making their mark with some epic collab skins in the game.

Get ready to blend anime and mobile gaming like never before as Mobile Legends drops the Attack on Titan bomb. The clash of young scouts and the Land of Dawn is about to go down. Get ready for the ultimate showdown. Stay locked in for more deets, and get set for a crossover experience that will blow your mind! Subscribe to Club JollyMax for up to date news and updates on your favorite games.

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