Unveiling the New Collection System in MLBB: Free Alice Skin, Avatar & Loading Bonuses, and More!

The new connection system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has arrived, bringing with it a plethora of exciting updates and functionalities. This article delves into everything this new system offers, from showcasing skins to understanding the points system and claiming rewards.

Finding the New Connection System

The new connection system is conveniently located where the old achievements used to be or can be accessed directly from the profile. It’s designed for easy navigation, allowing players to start showing off their best skins quickly.

Showcasing Your Skins

Flex Your Collection Like a Pro

The collectible section is a highlight, enabling players to showcase their finest skins. This feature allows for the swapping out of less impressive skins for more prestigious ones, effectively creating a personal museum of rare and expensive skins. What are your top three favorite skins in MLBB that you’d love to showcase?

Points System Breakdown

Master the Points Game

The points system is broken down as follows:

  • Supreme Grade Skins: 4000 points each
  • Grand Grade Skins: 3000 points each
  • Exquisite Grade Skins: 2000 points each
  • Fine Grade Skins: 400 points each
  • Uncommon Skins: 200 points each
  • Common Skins: 100 points each

The difference between exquisite and fine grades is quite significant, with a 1600 points disparity. How many Supreme Grade Skins are in your collection?

Unlock Your Full Potential

The skin tiers are categorized as follows:

  • Supreme Tier: Includes all legendary skins, each worth 4000 points. These top-tier skins truly deserve their supreme status.
  • Brain Tier: Features all collaboration skins, including those obtained for free during special events, such as Karina KOF or Rota Grimlov.
  • Exclusive Tier: Houses collector and limited epic skins. Despite similar pricing, their point allocation sets them apart in terms of value.
  • Grand Tier: Includes all purchasable epic skins, which are both rare and expensive.
  • Uncommon Skins: Consists of all special skins, with a surprising 200 points difference between epic and special skins.
  • Common Tier: Contains both elite and basic skins, suggesting a possible price adjustment to reflect this grouping better.

Which tier do you think offers the best value for your investment in MLBB?

Reward Levels

Climb the Rewards Ladder

The rewards are structured as follows:

  • Level 1: Choice of emotes.
  • Level 2: Common skin packs, which, though basic, each have their charm.
  • Level 3: Special skin gift bundles, offering some choice.
  • Level 4: An animated border, adding a stylish flair to profiles.
  • Level 5: A lobby banner with impressive design.
  • Level 6: Rare skin packs, including the stunning new Darkest Temptress skin for Alice.
  • Level 7: A shining border to enhance the game interface’s aesthetics.
  • Level 8: A special loading effect and title, adding to in-game prestige.

Which reward level are you most excited to reach and why?

Claiming Rewards and Showcasing

Time to Claim and Shine

Claiming rewards is straightforward. First, the Selena skin can be claimed. Then, players can open common skin packs, typically choosing between Lunox Bloody Mary or Argus Light of Dawn. Special skin packs, such as Pocky Toes, can also be claimed.

The avatar border and lobby banner can be previewed in the lobby. Additionally, players can hop into practice mode to check out the skill effects of newly claimed skins.

What are your thoughts on the new skill effects of the skins? Which one is your favorite?

  • First Skill: Features detailed and impressive effects, including binary numbers and heart flickering.
  • Second Skill: Equally stunning, demonstrating Moonton’s commitment to quality.
  • Ultimate: The wings and overall design are amazing.

Checking Your Collection Points

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