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No Tricks, Just Treats at JollyMax’s JollyBean Shop: Dive into the Halloween Event!

Halloween is just around the corner, and JollyMax’s JollyBean shop is brewing up a delightful event that promises to be an absolute treat for all its patrons. From October 27 to November 6, customers are in for an exciting extravaganza where the motto is ‘No Tricks, Just Treats.’ Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a newcomer to JollyMax’s vibrant community, this event is bound to captivate you with its array of enticing offers and rewards.

Event Highlights

Claim Your Treats:

As the event kicks off, the first order of business is to log in and claim your initial reward of 5 JollyBeans. These magical beans are your ticket to an array of goodies and exclusive offers waiting to be unlocked.

Redeem JollyBeans for Exciting Rewards:

Earning more JollyBeans is the name of the game. Here’s what you can redeem them for:

  • Lucky Pumpkin Bag (27 Oct – 6 Nov): Costing 11 JollyBeans, these special bags hold a surprise within. But hurry, they’re available only during the Halloween event.
  • Logitech Mouse: For the tech enthusiasts, this gem is up for grabs at a cost of 400,000 JollyBeans.
  • Discount Coupons: You can snag 2% off coupons for popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire, along with monetary discounts ranging from 12 PHP to 60 PHP, priced at various JollyBean amounts.
  • Many More Exclusive Rewards: The surprises don’t end here. There’s a treasure trove of other exclusive rewards waiting to be claimed.

Boost Your JollyBean Collection:

Wondering how to stock up on more JollyBeans? Here’s the scoop:

  • Top-Up for JollyBeans: Top up any product on the JollyMax website and receive 1 JollyBean for every 3 PHP spent. Earn up to a maximum of 2,000 JollyBeans per day.

Pumpkin Lucky Bags: What’s Inside?

The mystery behind the Lucky Pumpkin Bags has got everyone buzzing. Inside these special bags, lucky customers stand a chance to win:

  • 3% off coupons
  • 111 JollyBeans
  • 200 PHP coupon
  • 100 PHP Lazada gift card
  • 50 PHP coupon
  • 11 JollyBeans

Make sure to grab these bags during the Halloween event to uncover these thrilling surprises.

Boost Your Pumpkin Bag Collection:

Want to multiply your chances of winning? Here’s how:

  • Invite a new friend to log in to Jolly Bean shop, and you’ll earn 1 Pumpkin Bag.
  • Each JM ID has the opportunity to collect up to 3 Pumpkin Bags during the event period.

The Halloween event at JollyMax’s JollyBean shop is a limited-time spectacle that you won’t want to miss. It’s not just about the rewards; it’s an opportunity to join a vibrant community, engage in fun activities, and treat yourself to exciting goodies.

So, gather your JollyBeans, invite your friends, and prepare for an unforgettable Halloween experience. Dive into the JollyMax’s JollyBean shop and make this event a memorable part of your festive celebrations!

Isn’t this great? a chance to win vouchers as well as physical prize as exclusive rewards. Check out the prizes JollyMax’s users have won during the 2nd anniversary event. Here

And if you are new to JollyMax, get on the hype train and top up your diamonds for cheap. Here’s a simple step-by-step on how you can do it:

  1. Go to JollyMax page:
  2. Log in to your account at the top right of the screen, you can do this through Facebook or Gmail. If you do not have an account you can create one easily.
  3. Select the game you want to top up.
  4. Once on the product page, select the product you want to buy then choose your payment option.
  5. Enter your Game ID and Server ID
  6. Enter your email address to get your transaction receipt.

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