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Top Picks for Each Lane in HoK

Looking to crush your opponents in Honor of Kings (HoK)? This guide highlights the strongest heroes for each lane, giving you the edge you need for victory.

Conquering the Mid Lane:


A versatile mage, Diaochan throws damaging orbs with her Returning Lotus and maneuvers around the battlefield with her Petal Barrage skill. Her ultimate creates a magical formation that weakens enemies and reduces her skill cooldowns.


Passive: Seal of The Floral Language

Abilities hit will mark an enemy up to 4 ticks, after the 4th tick is detonated it will deal 180 (+43% AP) true damage to surroundings enemies in a small circle, slows the target by 50% for 1s, and heals her 120 HP for any 4th ticks detonated.

First Ability: Rain of Lotus

Diao Chan throws out a big lotus flower in a line in front of her, and returns. It will deal 180/220/260/300/340/380 (+57% AP) magic damage in both the direction it flies to.

Second Ability: Knot of Fate

Diao Chan dashes a small distance forwards, sending 3 flower petals towards each enemies, dealing 140/155/170/185/200/215 (+24% AP) magic damage. If any hits at least an enemy, the cooldowns will be reduced by 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Dance of the Full Bloom

The area around Diao Chan starts to bloom, reducing the cooldowns of her Rain of Lotus and Knot of Fate, while dealing 210/245/280 (+50% AP) magic damage on initial cast and when the duration of the zone ends.

Clash Lane Kings:


A beginner-friendly powerhouse, Ying uses Moonslash to strike enemies, gains a movement boost with her second skill, and unleashes a powerful crowd-control ultimate that deals heavy damage.


Passive: Spear’s Will – Fire Weaving

Yun Ying and her spear matches each other’s energy. Every time she uses a certain amount of abilities in any order, her next basic attack for the next 5 seconds will be augmented in different ways. Along with reducing Moonbreaker and Cloudchaser cooldowns by 1.25s.

First Ability: Moonbreaker

Yun Ying strikes up and down in front of her twice, the first hit will launch the enemies airborne for 0.5 sec. Every hit will deal 100/115/130/145/160/175 (+50% AD) physical damage.

Second Ability: Clout chaser

Yun Ying slows down at first to charge up her spear, gaining
up to 30%/32%/34%/36%/38&/40% move speed. After which she can strike her enemies in a line, dealing 230(+50% AD) physical damage to 160/220/280/340/400/460(+100% AD) physical damage.

Ultimate: Star Pillar

Initial cast: Yun Ying roots herself in place, and dash forward and back, each dash dealing 70/140/210 (+ 55% AD) physical damage to the enemy and knocking them into the air. At the end of the first dash, Yun Ying will strike all enemies hit four times, each hit dealing 35/70/105 (+27% AD) physical damage.

Recast: Yun Ying will strike in a cone, it leaves a trail of fire which lasts for 3 seconds, the strike will deal 70 (+55% AD) physical damage, the flame trail will deal 30 (+10 AD) magic damage per 0.2 sec to all enemies standing in the trail.

Farming Lane Domination:

Yu Ji/Juniper: 

This marksman boasts devastating bolts and an incredibly powerful skill. Protecting Winds grants him invulnerability to physical attacks for a short duration, turning him into a temporary one-man army.


Passive: Forests’ Blessing

Yu Ji has a 25% chance to shoot two bolts, dealing a total of 100 (+120% AD) physical damage, and reduces enemies’ move speed by 15% for 2 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times.

First Ability: Whistling Thorn

Yu Ji charges up, and launches a powerful crossbow shot in front of her. The bolt deals 365/540/715/890/1065/1240 (+200% AD) physical damage to the first enemy on the path.

Second Ability: Gale

Passive: Wind’s Blessing: Yu Ji ‘s attack speed is increased by 20%.
Active: Yu Ji increases her move speed by 30/36/42/48/54/60% for 2 seconds, during which she will be immune to all sources of physical damage (including turrets).

Ultimate: Frontal Leap

Yu Ji dashes to the target, stuns them for 0.5 seconds and reduces their move speed by 90% for 2 seconds, and then leaps backward to the original spot; When the ability is used she quickly shoots 2 bolts at the target, each bolt deals 180/225 /270 (+85% AD) physical damage.

Jungling Assassins:

Han Xin:

This strong fighter utilizes his leaping skills to reach enemies and deal significant damage. His ultimate unleashes a flurry of spear strikes in a fan-shaped area, eliminating low-health targets.


Passive Skill: Killing Spear

Every fourth basic attack throws enemies into the air for a short time, while his skills and stronger basic attacks also give him a 50% increase attack speed increase.

Skill 1: Ruthless Assault

Han Xin delivers a powerful upward thrust with his spear, knocking enemies airborne for a brief moment and dealing 250/270/290/310/330/350 (+80% physical bonus) physical damage. Then, he slams them back down with another forceful strike, dealing the same amount of pain. The potency of this attack increases as his level rises.

Skill 2: Fight or Die!

Han Xin darts backward, enhancing his next basic attack for 3 seconds that deals 180/200/220/240/260/280(+100% physical bonus) of Physical damage

Ultimate: The Unrivaled Spear

Han Xin unleashes a whirlwind of 4 spear strikes in a fan-shaped area in front of him, each strike dealing 250 (+85% extra Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range! The final strike launches enemies for a whopping 0.5 seconds. While channeling this ultimate for 4 strikes, Han Xin gains immunity to crowd control and reduces incoming damage by 30%.

Roaming Guardians:

Liu Shan/Mischief: 

A powerful support hero, Mischief utilizes his Overcharge! skill to gain a movement speed boost and shield himself. His Robo Panda allows him to deal physical damage to enemies, offering both offense and defense.


Passive: Magnetic Barrier

Liu Shan abilities damage structures equally and heal him for 280/308/336/364/392 HP depending on level, while his crowd control disrupts them for 1.2 seconds.

Skill 1: Overcharge

Liu Shan resets his basic attack and charges forward with a shield, absorbing a massive 600/840/1080/1320/1560/1800 damage while getting a 25% movement speed boost for 3 whole seconds. This daring move also empowers his next basic attack, dealing a hefty 350/400/450/500/550/600 (+122% physical scaling) physical damage and launching enemies skyward for a full 1 second!

Skill 2: Robo Smash

Liu Shan unleashes his mechanical panda’s fury! It extends a magical claw in a chosen direction, dealing a punishing 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+100% physical scaling) physical damage to any enemies caught in its path. But that’s not all – those struck are also stunned for a solid 1 second, leaving them open to further punishment.

Ultimate: Take it for a Spin

Liu Shan gets his panda spinning in a frenzy! It throws its arms wide and whirls for 3 seconds, dealing a stinging 240/320/400 (+75% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies every half a second. But that’s not all! Enemies caught in this mechanical maelstrom are also pummeled with 100/150/200 physical damage from Liu Shan’s basic attacks during the spin, and their movement speed is slashed by 50% for half a second with each hit.

Remember, these are just some of the strongest heroes in HOK. Experiment and find the ones that best suit your playstyle. With practice and the right hero, you’ll be dominating the battlefield in no time!

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