HE 7th anniversary event (1)

Heroes Evolved 7th Anniversary! Celebrate with Free Stuff, New Skins, and More!

Get ready for a battle royale of celebrations! Heroes Evolved, the super popular MOBA game, is turning 7 and they’re throwing a party you won’t want to miss.
Here’s a taste of what awaits you:

Free Gifts for Early Birds:

Log in before May 1st and use the code he7jollymax to claim a special gift pack. The first 500 players will score a 3-day trial of the new hero Thorne, a 14-day Dragon Descends buff, and 1000 Gold!

Unleash the Force of Liberty:

Suit up your favorite heroes in style with the all-new “Force of Liberty” skin series! These meticulously crafted skins will let you dominate the battlefield in true patriotic fashion.

Spruce Up Your Arena:

Love to customize your in-game experience? New decors “Squire” and “Battle Cry” will add a touch of flair to your battlefield, making your victories all the sweeter.

Events Galore:

Whether you’re a Heroes Evolved veteran or a new recruit, there are events for everyone! Get showered with exclusive rewards, tackle exciting challenges, and relive the best of the past seven years with the Heroes Evolved community.

Fair Play for All:

Heroes Evolved is serious about keeping the competition fair. They’ve implemented a brand new system to detect and eliminate unfair play, so you can focus on honing your skills and outsmarting your opponents.

Ready to join the party? Head over to the Heroes Evolved website or Facebook page to download the game, grab your free stuff, and celebrate seven years of epic battles and awesome memories! See you on the battlefield!

And if you are new to JollyMax, get on the hype train and top up your diamonds for cheap. Here’s a simple step-by-step on how you can do it:

  1. Go to JollyMax page: https://www.jollymax.com/my
  2. Log in to your account at the top right of the screen, you can do this through Facebook or Gmail. If you do not have an account you can create one easily.
  3. Select Heroes Evolved.
  4. Once on the product page, select the product you want to buy then choose your payment option.
  5. Enter your Game ID and Server ID
  6. Enter your email address to get your transaction receipt.

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