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Mastering Miya, The Moonlight Archer in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game of dynamic action, strategy, and quick decision-making. In this fast-paced world of heroes and epic battles, one hero stands out as a favorite among both beginners and intermediate players: Miya, the Moonlight Archer. With her unique skill set, attack speed, and crowd control abilities, Miya has proven herself time and time again. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into Miya’s skills, recommended emblems, battle spells, and the best build to help you become a master of this remarkable marksman.

Miya’s Skillset:

Miya’s abilities are what make her a dominant force on the battlefield.

Passive – Moon Blessing:

With each basic attack, Miya gains increased attack speed, stacking up to five times. When fully stacked, she gets an extra 20% attack speed and summons a Moonlight Shadow to aid her in each basic attack, with damage based on her physical attack.

First Skill – Moon Arrow:

Enhancing her basic attacks, this skill fires two additional arrows at the target, dealing damage to the target and 30% damage to nearby enemies. It lasts for up to 9 seconds, allowing it to trigger effects like critical damage and lifesteal. Level up this skill first as it serves as her primary farming tool.

Second Skill – Arrow of Eclipse:

This is her powerful crowd control ability. Miya launches an empowered arrow at a target area, dealing damage and immobilizing enemies for 1.2 seconds. The arrow then splits into 8 minor arrows, each dealing damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them for 2 seconds. Use this skill strategically, as it’s her only crowd control ability.

Ultimate – Hidden Moonlight:

Miya’s ultimate removes all debuffs and conceals her, granting extra movement speed for 2 seconds or until she attacks. This skill is versatile and can be used for initiation or escape, but be aware that it doesn’t remove certain types of crowd control, and AoE spells can still hit her.

Recommended Battle Spell:

Your choice of a battle spell depends on your playstyle and team composition.

  • If you trust your team to protect you while you deal damage, “Inspire” can be an excellent choice. It boosts your attack speed, physical penetration, and lifesteal, making you a formidable damage dealer.
  • Alternatively, “Flicker” offers safety. It allows you to reposition defensively or offensively, catching opponents off guard when combined with Miya’s ultimate, “Hidden Moonlight.”

Recommended Emblem:

The Marksman emblem suits Miya best. Choose “Swift” for increased attack speed and “Weapon Master” to gain additional physical attack from equipment, emblem, and skills, enhancing your damage potential. In the second tier, “Bargain Hunter” can be selected to decrease equipment costs and acquire core items faster. In the final tier, “Weakness Finder” is recommended, as it significantly slows down your target and reduces their attack speed.

Miya’s Best Build:

To unleash Miya’s full damage potential, focus on a combination of attack speed and damage items. Here’s a recommended build:

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Windtalker
  3. Scarlet Phantom
  4. Berserker’s Fury
  5. Malefic Roar
  6. Defensive item based on the enemy composition (e.g., Wind of Nature for physical damage or Athena’s Shield for magic damage)

Executing Miya’s Combo:

In the laning phase, use “Arrow of Eclipse” and “Moon Arrow” to pressure your opponent and clear minion waves quickly. This helps you maintain lane presence and build your item progression.

Once you have one or two core items, you can start executing Miya’s combo to catch enemies off guard. Hide in a bush and wait for the right moment to strike. When you spot your target, activate “Hidden Moonlight” to position yourself efficiently.

Next, use “Arrow of Eclipse” to immobilize the enemy, then trigger “Moon Arrow” to enhance your basic attacks. If you have “Inspire,” be sure to activate it to increase your attack speed and physical penetration.

When selecting targets, prioritize squishy heroes like marksmen, mages, or assassins.

Mastering Miya, the Moonlight Archer, in Mobile Legends can be a rewarding experience. Her unique skill set, crowd control abilities, and versatility make her a formidable marksman in the right hands. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to maximize her potential on the battlefield and secure victory for your team. So, gear up, practice your skills, and let Miya’s moonlight guide you to success in the world of Mobile Legends.

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