MLBB Martis counters

MLBB Guide: How to counter Martis

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how you can counter Martis, the fearsome Fighter in Mobile Legends. Whether you’re struggling against this relentless warrior or aiming to bolster your win rate against him, we’ve got you covered with heroes, items, and essential tips to turn the tables in your favor. Let’s dive into the strategies that will help you dominate the battlefield!

MLBB Martis counters

Understanding Martis

Before we delve into the counter strategies, let’s briefly review Martis’ strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Great Crowd Control Abilities: Martis can disrupt and control enemies effectively, making him a formidable force in team fights.
  2. Great Burst and DPS Damage: He excels at dealing both burst and sustained damage, making him a threat in duels and skirmishes.
  3. Fast Jungling: With his efficient jungle clear speed, Martis can quickly farm resources and level up.


  1. Easily Countered Skills: Skilled opponents can anticipate and counter Martis’ abilities, reducing his impact in battles.
  2. Lack of Durability: He is relatively squishy and lacks the tankiness of some other Fighters.

Countering Martis: Heroes

MLBB Martis counters

To gain an edge against Martis, consider picking heroes with a high win rate against him:

  1. Akai: The agile and tanky Panda Warrior, Akai, can effectively disrupt Martis’ combos with his crowd control abilities, allowing your team to take control of the fight.
  2. Kagura: With her mobility and versatile skill set, Kagura can outmaneuver Martis and apply consistent damage while staying elusive.
  3. Lancelot: Lancelot’s high mobility and burst damage allow him to outplay Martis in close combat, making him a potent threat against the Fighter.
  4. Freya: As a skilled Valkyrie, Freya can trade blows with Martis and capitalize on her crowd control to gain the upper hand in engagements.
  5. Argus: The fallen angel, Argus, can counter Martis with his ultimate, rendering him immune to death and granting an opportunity to retaliate.

Countering Martis: Items

To further increase your chances of success, equip your heroes with these items, which counter Martis’ abilities:

  1. Blade Armor: This item will reflect a portion of Martis’ physical damage back to him, reducing his effectiveness in prolonged fights.
  2. Immortality: The Immortality item grants a second chance, reviving your hero upon death, ensuring that Martis doesn’t get an easy kill.
  3. Twilight Armor: Twilight Armor reduces the critical damage received, mitigating Martis’ burst potential and keeping you alive longer.
  4. Brute Force Breastplate: This item not only provides additional physical defense but also enhances your hero’s movement speed, making it easier to evade Martis’ attacks.

Extra: Heroes We recommend not using against Martis

MLBB Martis counters

Tips to Counter Martis

Remember these crucial tips to excel in countering Martis:

  1. High Mobility and Crowd Control: Heroes with high mobility and crowd control abilities are effective against Martis, as they can outmaneuver him and disrupt his combos.
  2. Team Coordination: Coordinate with your team to focus on Martis in team fights, overwhelming him with crowd control and burst damage.
  3. Predict His Moves: Learn to anticipate Martis’ skill usage and dodge or counter them accordingly. This will significantly reduce his impact on the battlefield.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to take on Martis and secure victories in Mobile Legends. Remember to choose heroes with high mobility and crowd control, equip counter items, and coordinate with your team to defeat the formidable Fighter. Master the art of countering Martis, and your path to victory will be paved with triumphs and glory in the battlegrounds of Mobile Legends. Happy gaming!

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