MLBB Novaria

MLBB: Novaria, and how to counter her

The ultimate guide on how you can counter Novaria, a new mage recently added to MLBB

MLBB Novaria

Know your enemy

Novaria stands out among the mage heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, offering a distinctive combination of high burst damage and supportive abilities that make her a valuable addition to any team lineup.

With her ability, Astral Recall, she can unleash a powerful long-range attack, dealing significant damage to her opponents. Additionally, she possesses the rare skill to walk through walls, providing her with an effective means of escape when faced with imminent danger.

One of Novaria’s standout abilities is her ultimate, Astral Echo. This unique skill allows her to reveal hidden enemy heroes in the area surrounding her. This makes her the first hero in the game to possess such a remarkable skill effect, giving her a strategic advantage in uncovering concealed adversaries.

Novaria’s distinctive skill set and abilities make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her burst damage and supportive capabilities offer versatility, enabling her to excel in various team compositions. Whether dealing devastating blows from a distance or revealing hidden enemies, Novaria brings a fresh and exciting dynamic to the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

What heroes to use?

These heroes shows significant strength against Novaria throughout different stages of the game. The list is compiled based on their win rates against Novaria.

Effective items

MLBB Novaria

Tips and tricks

  • Novaria is particularly vulnerable to heroes with exceptional mobility and powerful crowd control (CC) abilities.
  • Due to Novaria’s ability to traverse terrain, it is crucial to stun and quickly inflict damage on her before she can make a swift escape or reposition herself.
  • Novaria possesses an extensive attack range, so it is essential to retreat immediately if your health is running low to avoid being eliminated.
  • Coordinating with your teammates in the jungle can be advantageous in taking down Novaria.
  • Given Novaria’s strength in teamfights, it is crucial to prioritize eliminating her as a primary target.

Overall, Novaria shines as a remarkable mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, offering a unique blend of high burst damage and supportive abilities that make her a valuable asset to any team. To counter Novaria, it is advisable to utilize heroes such as Lolita, Yu Zhong, Natalia, or Ling, who have proven to be effective against her in terms of win rates. When facing Novaria, it is crucial to exploit her vulnerabilities. Heroes with high mobility and strong crowd control abilities can disrupt her movements and prevent her from escaping.

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