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The Impact: How Will MLBB Emblem Update Affect Gameplay

Let’s take a look at how the new MLBB emblem updates will affect the overall gameplay of the game

Hey, gamers! Exciting news from Moonton, the brilliant minds behind the hit mobile game MLBB! They recently announced that they’re giving the emblem system a complete makeover. And guess what? We’ve got some juicy details about the new update that has just dropped.

So, what’s the deal with this emblem revamp? Moonton has decided to shake things up by reducing the number of emblems in the game. Yep, you heard that right! Say goodbye to the Magical and Jungle emblems, as they’ll be bidding us adieu. This means we’ll be left with a total of seven emblems, down from the current nine.

It’s clear that Moonton is trying to streamline the emblem system, making it more focused and balanced. We can only speculate on the reasons behind this decision, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to bring a fresh new dynamic to the game.

What are the changes?

Alright, let’s break down the changes between the current emblem system and the previous one more casually.

So, in the old system, upgrading emblems used to cost us precious battle points. But guess what? Moonton heard our cries and made a smart move. They removed the cost of emblem upgrades! That means we can save those hard-earned resources for buying new heroes instead of constantly juggling between heroes and emblems. Score!

Now, let’s talk about the different types of emblems. Just like before, we still have tanks, assassins, mages, fighters, support, and marksman emblems. But here’s the twist: jungle, physical, and magical emblems are no more. They vanished into thin air! But hey, don’t worry too much because some of our favorite talents are sticking around.

Remember Demon Slayer? Well, it’s still here, but with a fancy new name: Seasoned Hunter. And don’t fret, Life Drain is still an option for us to enjoy.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Each emblem can be customized with talents from other emblems. So, picture this: your tank emblem can have killer assassin-based talents like Killing Spree or marksman talents like Weakness Finder. Yeah, you heard that right! It means tank/roam heroes can unleash even more punishment on their enemies. It’s like creating your unstoppable force!

How will this affect MLBB gameplay?

It’s time to dive into various playstyles and experiment with different heroes like never before!

If you’re a gold laner looking to dominate the farming game and zip across the battlefield with lightning speed while staying alive, listen up. Here’s a killer combo for you: Bargain Hunter (previously known as Mystery Shop), Agility, and Killing Spree talents. With these talents combined, you’ll be raking in the gold, moving like a ninja, and on a merciless killing spree. It’s a recipe for success, my friends!

If you want to become an absolute beast in team fights and make a huge impact. Moreover, here’s a killer combo for you: Weakness Finder, Weapon Master, and Festival of Blood talents. With Weakness Finder, you’ll slow down your enemies, giving your team a huge advantage. Also, let’s not forget about Weapon Master, which pumps up the damage of your items, making you a force to be reckoned with. Add in the survivability from Festival of Blood. And you’ll become an unstoppable juggernaut walking among mere mortals. Get ready to dominate those team fights like a true champion!


Now, let’s talk about junglers. Brace yourselves, utility junglers may take a hit with the nerfs to Seasoned Hunter (previously known as Demon Slayer). But fear not, tank junglers still have some tricks up their sleeves. You can consider the Tenacity or Brave Smite talent as effective options to keep rocking the jungle as a sturdy tank.

Then, we’ve got Rupture, a talent that gives you a sweet 5 adaptive penetration. That means you’ll be able to cut through enemy defenses like a hot knife through butter. No more pesky armor or magic resistance getting in your way!

Moving along, we have Weapon Master. This talent is a game-changer for your physical and magic power. It cranks up the damage you deal with your items, making you an absolute powerhouse. Your enemies won’t know what hit ’em!

And let’s not forget about Lethal Ignition. This talent is all about those flashy multi-hits. It adds extra damage to each hit, making your combo even deadlier. Say goodbye to your foes in style!

Some awesome MLBB new emblem gameplay

Hey, check this out! Duane, “Kelra” Pillas went all out and tried something super cool with his Claude build. Brace yourself for some epic experimentation!

So, Kelra decided to push the limits and see what he could do with his beloved Claude. He went all-in and tested a unique build that would blow everyone’s minds. Talk about being a trendsetter!

There you have it gamers, get ready to spice up your Mobile Legends experience with the emblem revamp. Offering a reduced number of emblems, streamlined gameplay, and the freedom to customize talents across emblems. Allowing you to unleash your creativity, explore diverse playstyles, dominate as a lightning-fast gold laner or a team fight powerhouse. also, overcome challenges as a tank jungler, while penetrating enemy defenses with Rupture, unleashing devastating damage with Weapon Master, and creating multi-hit chaos with Lethal Ignition, so gather your teammates, experiment with heroes, embrace the revamped emblem system, level up your gameplay, and become a true legend in the Mobile Legends universe!

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