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Mastering Yu Zhong, The Black Dragon in Mobile Legends

Meet the black dragon Yu Zhong!He is a peerless fighter with unrivaled regeneration abilities and enormous damage potential. This character is one of the most impressive in the game, but at the same time quite difficult

Leveling Up Your Game: Pro Esports Habits you should follow

In recent years, esports has skyrocketed into the limelight, captivating audiences worldwide with its thrilling competitions and extraordinary players. Beyond the glitzy esports events, professional gamers have honed a set of pro esports habits that spell

Mastering Estes, The Moon Elf King in Mobile Legends

In the vibrant world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Estes, the Moon Elf King, emerges as a support hero renowned for his exceptional healing capabilities. This guide unveils the secrets behind his best build, skills, emblem

Mastering Hanabi: The Scarlet Flower in Mobile Legends

Mastering Hanabi, the Scarlet Shadow, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no small feat. While she lacks early-game mobility and possesses subpar base stats, her late-game damage potential and built-in Purify spell on Ninjutsu: Equinox make

Mastering Khaleed: The Desert Scimitar in Mobile Legends

Enter the dynamic realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, where strategic hero selections can either elevate or dismantle your gameplay. Amidst the extensive hero roster, Khaleed, known as the Desert Scimitar, emerges as a formidable fighter