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State of Survival Tips to Maximize Resource Farming

I’m struggling to keep up with resource needs in State of Survival. Any advice?

Absolutely! Here are five key strategies to supercharge your resource farming:

  1. Split your troops for faster gathering:

Once you unlock more march slots, you can send out multiple teams. Don’t just send one big army! Split them into smaller groups. Two smaller teams will gather the same amount of resources as one large one, but in half the time!

  1. Move to the best resource zones:

New players typically start near the edge of the map with lower-level gathering spots. As you get stronger, consider relocating your settlement closer to the center. This area has tougher enemies, but also higher-level resource points that yield more materials per trip.

  1. Be diligent: Keep those troops gathering constantly!

Sending out gathering parties is free and takes minimal effort. Make a habit of always having troops working on the map. This consistent gathering adds up significantly over time.

  1. (Advanced) Pillage for resources, but be careful!

Raiding other players for resources is a faster method, but it’s risky. Only consider this once you’re strong enough to defend yourself or have a powerful alliance backing you up. Picking a fight with the wrong player can spark a war you might not win.

Target abandoned settlements – These are fair game! Raid them daily to collect their resources without making enemies.

  1. Remember, knowledge is power!

There are many resources available online to help you excel in State of Survival. Keep searching for guides and tips to optimize your gameplay!

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