MLBB Tips: Claude vs Lesley – The ultimate gold lane battle

Who would win between Claude and Lesly in the MLBB battle of the gold lane?

Welcome to the epic showdown in the gold lane between two powerful heroes in MLBB, Lesley, and Claude. In this blog, we will break down the two heroes for the battle of the gold lane.

Skills of MLBB Top Marksman Claude

MLBB Top Marksman Claude

In the mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Claude is a hero known as the “Master Thief” and specializes in ranged physical damage. Here are his skills:

Passive Skill: Battle Side-by-Side

Claude has a partner named Dexter, who helps him in combat. Claude’s basic attacks will deal additional damage equal to a percentage of his total physical attack, and the damage can be critical. The additional damage is considered a separate instance of damage, so it can trigger Claude’s equipment effects and lifesteal.

Skill 1: Art of Thievery

Claude shoots a grappling hook towards a designated location and dashes towards it, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way. If Claude hits an enemy hero with this skill, he gains a temporary attack speed bonus. This skill can be used both offensively to engage enemies or defensively to escape dangerous situations.

Skill 2: Battle Mirror Image

Claude releases a mirror image of himself that lasts for a few seconds. The mirror image mimics Claude’s basic attacks and deals reduced damage. It also reduces the cooldown of Art of Thievery whenever it hits an enemy hero. This skill is useful for increasing Claude’s damage output and mobility during team fights.

Ultimate Skill: Blazing Duet

Claude summons Dexter, his partner, and they dash forward in a straight line, continuously shooting at enemies in their path. Each hit deals physical damage, and Claude is immune to crowd control effects while casting this skill. Additionally, Blazing Duet applies a decaying slow effect to enemies hit, making it harder for them to escape.

Skills of MLBB Top Marksman Lesley

MLBB Top Marksman Lesley

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Lesley is a marksman hero known as the “Deadly Sniper” and excels at long-range burst damage. Here are her skills:

Passive Skill: Lethal Shoot

Lesley’s basic attacks have an additional critical chance. Her critical hits deal increased damage and can penetrate through enemies, hitting targets behind them. When Lesley is in a bush or is not seen by enemy heroes, her next basic attack after leaving stealth will deal bonus damage.

Skill 1: Master of Camouflage

Lesley enters stealth, becoming invisible for a short duration. While in stealth, she gains increased movement speed and leaves a decoy at her current location. The decoy can attract enemy attacks and will explode after a few seconds, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 2: Tactical Grenade

Lesley throws a tactical grenade toward a designated area. The grenade explodes upon hitting an enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing their movement speed. This skill is useful for harassing enemies, slowing them down, and setting up kills.

Ultimate Skill: Ultimate Snipe

Lesley takes aim and channels her ultimate attack. During this time, she can freely aim and fire powerful shots in a straight line, dealing massive physical damage to enemies hit. The damage is even greater if the enemy is marked by her passive skill. Ultimate Snipe has a limited range and can pierce through multiple enemies, making it a deadly tool for finishing off low-health targets or initiating team fights.

So, who will win in gold lane? Let’s break it down

MLBB Claude VS Lesley
Laning Phase: Lesley Takes the Lead

When it comes to laning, Lesley has the upper hand. Her ability to poke enemies from a distance is top-notch. She’s precise and accurate, making it hard for opponents to farm comfortably. On the other hand, Claude struggles a bit during this phase as he lacks sustained poking ability, relying more on efficiently clearing minions.

1v1 Showdown: Lesley’s Burst Potential

In a one-on-one fight, Lesley dominates Claude. Her camouflage makes her elusive, dodging Claude’s ultimate. Moreover, her second skill can cancel his ultimate, giving her the advantage. With her high burst damage and the ability to ignore items like Wind of Nature, Lesley can take down Claude with ease, especially in the late game.

Teamfight Dynamics: Claude Takes Center Stage

Lesley thrives in isolated fights, but Claude truly shines in team fights. His ultimate, Blazing Duet, deals massive area damage, wreaking havoc in chaotic situations. He can hit multiple enemies and slow them down, giving him the upper hand in team clashes.

Clearing Minions: Claude’s Efficiency

When it comes to efficiently clear minions, Claude has the edge. His kit allows him to swiftly wipe out waves of minions, giving him more gold and experience, which boosts his overall power in the game.

Bursting Tanks: Lesley Packs a Punch

Lesley’s damage output is unmatched when it comes to bursting down tanky opponents. Her abilities and burst potential make her a formidable threat to enemy tanks. She can deal significant damage, often leading to a quick demise for even the toughest tanks.

Late-Game Domination: Lesley’s Burst Reigns Supreme

As the game progresses, Lesley becomes a late-game powerhouse. She can eliminate squishy targets in just one or two shots and take down tanks within three to five shots. Her burst damage becomes overwhelming, posing a massive threat to anyone standing in her way.

Mobility and Split Pushing: An Equitable Trade

Both Lesley and Claude possess mobility tools that make them slippery and hard to catch. Lesley’s first skill grants her temporary invulnerability, while Claude’s second skill allows for tricky plays and instant blinking. In terms of split pushing, Claude’s kit and build make him a faster turret melter, giving him an advantage in that area.


In the battle for gold lane between Lesley and Claude, it’s clear that both heroes have their strengths and weaknesses. Lesley’s poking abilities burst potential, and late-game dominance make her a counter to Claude in most situations. However, in coordinated team play, Claude’s impact can be amplified, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these heroes and using them strategically can tilt the balance in your favor on the Mobile Legends battlefield.

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