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Master Fredrinn, The Rogue Appraiser in Mobile Legends

Calling all tank enthusiasts! Are you tired of squishy heroes and yearn to be the impenetrable wall your team needs? Then look no further than Fredrinn, the Rogue Appraiser in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to dominate the battlefield with Fredrinn. We’ll delve into his skills, emblems, the perfect builds, and even some killer combos to leave enemies stunned and defeated.

Unveiling Fredrinn’s Skills

Fredrinn’s strength lies in his ability to absorb damage and control the battlefield. Here’s a breakdown of his skills:

  • Passive: Crystalline Armor – Fredrinn turns damage into a shield, allowing him to heal himself later.
  • Skill 1: Piercing Strike – This is your bread-and-butter attack, slowing enemies and dealing decent damage.
  • Skill 2: Brave Assault – Dash towards enemies, knocking them airborne for follow-up attacks.
  • Skill 3: Energy Eruption – Taunt enemies around you, reducing cooldowns of other skills.
  • Ultimate: Appraiser’s Wrath – Unleash a powerful attack that scales with the damage Fredrinn has absorbed.

Emblems and Builds for Maximum Impact

To maximize Fredrinn’s potential, consider these emblem and build options:


Agility (movement speed), Seasoned Hunter (increased damage to objectives), Quantum Charge (movement speed boost and HP regen)


Prioritize tanky items like Warrior Boots, Cursed HelmetGuardian Helmet and Queen’s Wings to enhance durability. Thunder Belt adds a punch, and Immortality provides a second chance in battle.

Combo Mastery: Annihilate Your Enemies

Fredrinn shines with strategic skill combos. Here’s a devastating combo to unleash once you hit level four:

Close the gap with Brave Assault. Knock up the enemy with a basic attack. Taunt and reduce cooldowns with Energy Eruption. Hit them hard with Piercing Strike. Land another basic attack for even more damage. Stun them again with Brave Assault. Finish them off with Piercing Strike.

Remember: Unleash Appraiser’s Wrath only when Fredrinn’s health is low to maximize damage.
Bonus Tip: Watch content creator Hororo Chan’s video for an advanced stun-lock technique using Fredrinn.

Embrace the Tank Within

With this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a master Fredrinn player. Lead your team to victory with unwavering defense and strategic aggression. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there and dominate the battlefield!

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