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Mobile Legends ALLSTAR 2024: Rock Out with New Skins, Heroes, and Events!

Calling all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players! Get ready to crank up the volume for the music-themed MLBB ALLSTAR 2024!

This year’s ALLSTAR is a month-long celebration packed with exciting features, including:

Sparkling New Skins: 

Estes, Melissa, and Fredrinn take center stage as a rock band with the all-new Sparkle skin line! Melissa gets two versions – Classic Album and Collector’s Album – available starting March 16th.

Free Skin for Everyone: 

Team up with friends to earn the exclusive Astral Muse Esmeralda skin!

Limited-Time Rewards: 

Complete daily tasks to collect ALLSTAR tokens and redeem awesome items like graffiti, avatars, heroes, and more!

Promo Diamond Bonanza: 

Score promo diamonds through special events and use them on the mega sale happening from April 9th to 14th.

Epic Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Skin Draws: 

Look out for the Infernal Wyrmlord Moskov and Twisted Fairytale Vexana skins with special effects rivaling Collector skins. Grab them through exclusive draw events!

New Hero Rocks the Stage:

A brand new support/tank hero, Chip, joins the battlefield! This hero can create portals to transport allies and enemies around the map.

Party on a New Map:

Experience the all-new Euphora map, featuring a vibrant party atmosphere with neon colors and speakers everywhere. Get ready to battle it out in style!

Brawling Beats Mode:

From July 6th to 19th, a new game mode called Brawling Beats lets you collect musical notes while battling enemies. The team with the most notes wins!

This is just a taste of what awaits you in MLBB ALLSTAR 2024. So get ready to rock out and claim your rewards!

Supercharge Your Game with JollyMax Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Big Sale!

While you’re powering up in StarLight, take advantage of the epic JollyMax All Star Big Sale! Score even more awesome in-game rewards with these special offers:

How to Get Lucky Draw Chances:

  • Complete an Order (+1 Chance – 1 time per day): Every day you place an order on JollyMax, you’ll get a chance to draw for epic prizes!
  • Top Up Over 210 PHP (+8 Chances – One Time Only): Make a bigger top-up and get a whopping 8 entries into the lucky draw! This is a one-time bonus, so make it count.
  • Invite New Users to Top Up (+2 Chances – No Limit): Help spread the word! When you invite a new user to top up on JollyMax, you’ll both get extra lucky draw entries. There’s no limit to how many new users you can invite, so get sharing!

Prize Pool:

  • ROG Gaming Phone
  • Rare Skins
  • MLBB Diamonds
  • Jolly Beans
  • JM Voucher
  • Hero Trail Pack
  • Magic Wheel Potion
  • Rare Skin Fragment

The Best Prices on MLBB Diamonds

Looking for the best deals on MLBB Diamonds? Look no further than JollyMax! For a limited time, you can get a special top-up bonus: 102 Diamonds + 10 Bonus Diamonds for only 92 PHP! Stock up on Diamonds and dominate the battlefield!

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New to JollyMax? No worries, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to top-up and get the best deal:

  1. Go to JollyMax page:
  2. Log in to your account at the top right of the screen, you can do this through Facebook or Gmail. If you do not have an account you can create one easily.
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  4. Once on the product page, select the product you want to buy then choose your payment option.
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