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MLBB Guide: How to counter Hanabi

In the realm of Mobile Legends, where strategic prowess and quick reflexes reign supreme, countering specific heroes can often be the key to victory. One such formidable adversary is Hanabi, a marksman with a penchant for reaping damage and dominating the gold lane. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Hanabi counter strategies, exploring the best hero picks, items, and tips to turn the tide in your favor.

Hanabi’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Before we delve into the art of countering Hanabi, it’s crucial to understand her strengths and weaknesses. Hanabi’s arsenal includes burst AOE damage, a reliance on gear-leading, multiple CC skills, and the unique ability to disrupt enemy positions. Her durability and immunity to control skills further bolster her prowess. However, her Achilles’ heel lies in her lack of escape skills and burst damage, making her vulnerable if caught off guard.

Countering Hanabi: Heroes and Their Might

The battlefield is a realm of constant evolution. Where the right hero pick can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Here are some of the most potent contenders against Hanabi:

  1. Franco: The Iron Hook master can exploit Hanabi’s lack of mobility, dragging her into unfavorable positions and disrupting her damage output.
  2. Kaja: Kaja’s Lightning Bomb and ultimate skill can target and isolate Hanabi, rendering her team vulnerable and minimizing her impact.
  3. Natalia: The elusive assassin’s stealth and burst damage can quickly eliminate Hanabi before she has a chance to wreak havoc.
  4. Gusion: Gusion’s swift and deadly combos can catch Hanabi off guard, quickly diminishing her health pool.
  5. Hayabusa: The Crimson Shadow can dart in and out of combat, delivering swift blows to Hanabi while minimizing the risk of retaliation.
MLBB Hanabi

Strategic Items for Hanabi Counters

In the world of Mobile Legends, items hold immense power. To counter Hanabi effectively, consider these strategic choices:

  1. Wind of Nature: This item grants a temporary shield that blocks a basic attack, perfect for negating Hanabi’s damage bursts.
  2. Shadow Twinblades: These twin blades can inflict additional damage based on the target’s max HP, making them a solid choice for shredding through Hanabi’s durability.
  3. Dominance Ice: Slowing down Hanabi’s attack speed and movement can significantly reduce her threat level in team fights.
  4. Blade Armor: Hanabi’s reliance on basic attacks makes Blade Armor an excellent choice for reflecting damage back onto her.
  5. Twilight Armor: This item can mitigate the impact of Hanabi’s critical hits, reducing her damage potential.

Top Tips for Countering Hanabi’s Wrath

Victory often hinges on the finer details. Here are some tips to keep in mind when facing Hanabi:

  1. Positioning is Key: Avoid standing too close to allies to minimize the impact of her first skill’s bounce damage.
  2. Purify is Your Savior: Employ the Purify spell to remove Hanabi’s immobilizing ultimate effect, allowing your team to maintain control over engagements.
  3. Suppress with Skill: Heroes with suppress skills can negate Hanabi’s passive immunity, exposing her vulnerability to crowd control.

Expanding Your Counter Arsenal

While countering Hanabi is a vital skill, understanding how to counter other roles can broaden your strategic horizon:

  • Assassins: Heroes like Silvanna, Franco, and Kaja can disrupt and neutralize assassins’ burst damage. Items like Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon provide essential survivability.
  • Tanks: Alpha, Lunox, and Karrie shine as counter picks against tanks, while items like Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade weaken their sustain.
  • Mages: Karrie, WanWan, and Thamuz offer powerful responses to mages, backed by items like Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade.
  • Fighters: Gatotkaca, Uranus, and Chou can thwart fighter threats, while items like Dominance Ice and Ice Queen Wand bolster your defense.
  • Supports: Counter enemy supports with Yi-Sun-Shin, Chou, Granger, Ling, and Atlas, utilizing all damage items for optimal impact.

A Triumph of Strategy

In the dynamic world of MLBB, countering specific heroes like Hanabi requires a delicate balance of hero choices and itemization. By arming yourself with knowledge of her strengths, exploiting her weaknesses, you can turn the tides of battle in your favor. Remember, victory is not solely determined by raw power. But, by the strategic prowess and adaptability you bring to the battlefield.

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