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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang codes (August 2023): Redeem free Diamonds, free skins and other rewards

By using codes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang you can get free rewards, so here’s a full list of every active code you can claim for August 2023. 

JollyMax users can use codes to win lucky draw chances to win Mobile Legends: Bang Bang rewards including free Diamonds, rare skin, which will make your experience in the game much easier. Also on offer are physical rewards like Iphone 14, Logitech Mouse, Jolly Beans, discount vouchers. Remember these lucky draw chances can be redeemed only on JollyMax site and app till August 28, 2023.

Furthermore, it’s important to take advantage of lucky draw codes as many gamers like they release in the game as the items they provide are usually exclusive and can’t be obtained any other way. For August 2023, we’ve provided a full list of redeemable codes below.

Mobile Legends redeem codes (August 2023)

There are currently three active codes available to redeem on JollyMax as of August 15, 2023. Make sure to check back often, as we’ll update you frequently as and when new codes are released.

How to use Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes

CodeLucky Draw Chance
JOLLYMAX2Free Rewards
CHOOUFree Rewards
KELRAFree Rewards

So, use the above given codes to redeem a lukcy draw chance as part of the second anniversary celebrations of JollyMax. These are unlimited codes which means they are guaranteed available to everyone who adds them here. With each JollyMax ID, Mobile Legends Bang Bang player can unlock one lukcy draw chance to win a reward like Iphone 14, Logitech Mouse, Jolly Beans, discount vouchers, free diamonds or free skin. The codes are valid till August 28, 2023.

Rewards to be won using Mobile Legends Bang Bang codes

In addition, use the code and unlock 3 lucky draw chances to win 3 rewards per JollyMax ID. You can win exciting rewards like Iphone 14, Logitech Mouse, Jolly Beans, discount vouchers, free diamonds or free skin. This lucky draw is part of the major mobile gaming top up event of JollyMax second annivesary. The event is from August 7 to August 28 2023. You can enjoy flash sales, top up bonus, physical rewards and more.

Get ready now and make this celebration truly memorable! Join now – Click here to join JollyMax’s 2nd anniversary event.

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