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Free Fire Booyah Sharing: A Ramadan of Giving!

Blessing Ramadan! This year, Garena Indonesia went above and beyond to create a special month for Free Fire survivors during the holy month of fasting. Their initiative, “MABAR KNOWS THE TIME”, emphasized the importance of balancing playtime with the obligations of Ramadan.

Here’s a glimpse of the amazing programs they offered:

  • Free Umrah Tickets: The “Ramadan Booyah 2024” event included a chance to win free Umrah tickets!
  • Free SG2 Skins: Survivors could snag free SG2 skins with the adorable “M1887 Bunny’s Order” theme.
  • Free Fire Gold Donations for Orphanage Renovation: But perhaps the most heartwarming program was the Free Fire gold donation initiative.

This donation program proved to be a huge success. With survivors generously contributing a staggering IDR 384 million (over $26,000 USD)! These funds will be used to renovate orphanages in the Jabodetabek area, making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

The Power of Sharing

Garena Indonesia, along with Habib Ja’far and Free Fire KOL BUDI01Gaming. Truly captured the spirit of Ramadan with their “MABAR KNOWS THE TIME” campaign. It wasn’t just about playing games – it was about sharing, giving back, and fulfilling a noble intention to help others.

A Big Thank You: Garena expressed their deepest gratitude to the Free Fire community. For their enthusiastic participation in the gold donation program. They even left us with a cliffhanger: “Are you curious about giving and distributing these donations? Wait for the next post!” Stay tuned, survivors, to see how your generosity will directly impact the lives of children in need!

This Ramadan, Free Fire reminded us that even while playing games, we can make a positive impact on the world. Let’s celebrate the spirit of giving and keep an eye out for Garena’s next update on how the orphanage renovations will unfold!

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