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Mastering Franco: The Frozen Warrior in Mobile Legends

Franco, the Frozen Warrior, is a formidable tank/support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Known for his crowd control abilities and ability to quickly rotate across the map, Franco is a force to be reckoned with. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of Franco’s skills, recommended emblems, best build, and effective skill combos to help you become a master of this hero.

Franco’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Wasteland Force

Franco’s passive, Wasteland Force, grants him additional movement speed and HP regeneration when he hasn’t taken damage for 5 seconds. Additionally, it accumulates Wasteland Force stacks (up to 10), which enhance his next skill’s damage.


  • Purchase Rapid Boots to maximize the bonus movement speed.
  • Keep an eye on your Wasteland Force stacks to unleash powerful skills.

First Skill – Iron Hook

Franco launches an iron hook in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit and pulling them towards him. This skill can penetrate walls and turrets, and it stuns the hooked enemy.


  • Use bushes to make your hooks unpredictable.
  • Aim for the feet or slightly to the left of the target to increase your chances of landing hooks.
  • Maximize its cooldown reduction by leveling it up first.

Second Skill – Fury Shock

Franco lashes out, dealing physical damage to enemies and slowing them for 1.5 seconds. The skill’s damage increases with higher HP.


  • Use this skill to help your jungler clear minions in the early game.
  • Slow down pursuing enemies or those trying to chase your allies.
  • It damages enemies in bushes but doesn’t reveal them.

Ultimate – Bloody Hunt

Franco’s ultimate, Bloody Hunt, suppresses the target enemy hero for 1.8 seconds and deals six consecutive hits of physical damage. This skill is a suppression effect that cannot be removed by Purify.


  • Use Flicker or Conceal to close the gap and reach your target due to its short range.
  • Franco’s ultimate cancels all skills and ignores resilience or control reduction effects.

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is the perfect battle spell for Franco. It synergizes exceptionally well with his first skill, Iron Hook. Flicker can be used to pull enemies further by using it backward after hooking them or to extend the range and shorten the cast animation by using it forward. Flicker also aids in ganking enemies with Bloody Hunt and serves as an escape tool in sticky situations due to Franco’s lack of mobility.

Recommended Emblem

To maximize Franco’s capabilities, choose the Support emblem. Opt for Agility in the first tier to gain additional movement speed for efficient map roaming. In the second tier, select Pull Yourself Together to reduce the cooldown of your battle spell and equipment actives. In the last tier, go for Focusing Mark to increase the damage inflicted by your allies on your target, facilitating swift eliminations.

Franco’s Best Build

Franco’s build should cater to his role as an initiator and disruptor for your team. Here’s a recommended build:

  1. Rapid Boots (Conceal blessing): Essential for maximizing Franco’s passive and movement speed.
  2. Dominance Ice: Provides cooldown reduction, mana, and a slowing effect to hinder enemies.
  3. Athena’s Shield: Offers magic resistance and a shield to withstand incoming magical damage.
  4. Antique Cuirass: Provides physical defense, HP, and an aura that reduces enemy physical attack.
  5. Immortality: Grants a second chance at life, reviving you after death.
  6. Blade Armor: Reflects damage received from basic attacks.

Optional Damage Items:

  • Cursed Helmet: Adds magic damage to nearby enemies and helps you clear waves.
  • Guardian Helmet: Provides HP regeneration based on your missing HP.

Skill Combos to Master

To maximize Franco’s effectiveness in taking down a single target, practice the following skill combo:

  1. Iron Hook: Start by landing Iron Hook on your target. The enemy will be stunned while being pulled towards you.
  2. Bloody Hunt: Follow up with Bloody Hunt to suppress the target for 1.8 seconds. They won’t be able to move, attack, or use skills.
  3. Fury Shock: Finish with Fury Shock to deal additional damage and slow down the target.

Coordinate with your teammates to focus fire and eliminate the target swiftly. Additionally, you can enhance your Iron Hook by using Flicker backward right after hooking the enemy to pull them further or using it forward to increase the range and surprise your foes.

Mastering Franco’s skill combo, especially landing Iron Hook effectively, takes practice, so hone your skills in classic matches. With dedication, you can become a formidable Franco player and make a significant impact on the battlefield in Mobile Legends. Good luck and happy hooking!

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