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Who Will You Be? A Guide to Super Sus Roles

Calling all Space crew members! Are you tired of blindly completing tasks without a plan? Do you want to take on a more strategic role and help your crewmates secure victory? Then this guide is for you!
Super Sus offers a variety of exciting roles beyond the classic Spacecrew member. Each role comes with unique abilities that can turn the tide of the game.

Let’s dive into some of the most interesting Roles:

Sheriff: A lone vigilante with a powerful weapon. Take down Impostors, but be careful! Hitting a crewmate will mean instant death for you.

Engineer: A resourceful technician who can fix critical sabotages remotely – but only once per match. They can also use vents for movement, just like Impostors. Be mindful of suspicion from crewmates who might mistake you for the enemy.

Detective: Keen investigators who can track player footprints to identify potential Impostors. Use this intel wisely to expose the imposters’ movements.

Doctor: A lifesaver who can revive slain crewmates by bringing their bodies to the Med Bay. Choose wisely who to revive – a wrong decision could bring an Impostor back to life!

Seer: Arguably the most powerful role. Seers can scan players to see if they belong to the Spacecrew, the Impostors, or a neutral faction. Use your three scans strategically to identify allies and enemies.

Want to see more?

Guardian: A protector who can shield players from attacks. But be careful! You might accidentally shield an Impostor.

Drainer: A vent-controlling menace who can block vents for an entire turn, eliminating anyone trapped inside. This ability resets after each emergency meeting, so use it wisely.

Scout: An eagle-eyed explorer who can zoom out and see a wider area, spotting players in other rooms. However, this recon mission has a limited duration and requires you to stand still.

Veteran: A tricky role with a powerful defense. Veterans can activate a shield that eliminates anyone who uses an ability on them. This can backfire if a helpful crewmate tries to heal you.

Grinch: A master deceiver who can disguise themselves as an Impostor (with the red nametag). Impostors won’t attack you, giving you free reign to gather intel.

Time Master: A master of time manipulation who can rewind the game by 5 seconds. This can undo deaths and player movements, but tasks and sabotages remain unchanged.

So, the next time you play Super Sus, consider stepping outside the box and trying a new role. With a little practice and the right strategy, you can become a valuable asset to your crew and expose those pesky Impostors!

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