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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gets a New Competitive Mode – MLBB Rising League!

Calling all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players! Get ready to experience a new way to test your skills and win awesome prizes with the upcoming MLBB Rising League. This exciting new game mode is like MCL, but with a more relaxed and accessible format.

What Makes Rising League Different?

Unlike MCL, Rising League welcomes players of all ranks, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual gamer. You can also participate solo or form a team on the fly – no need for pre-made squads! This is a great chance to team up with new players and experience the thrill of competition in a less stressful environment.

How to Join the Rising League

The MLBB Rising League is a three-stage tournament: Qualification, Breakout, and Team Clash. To enter the Breakout stage, where the real competition begins, you’ll need to complete tasks while playing ranked matches during the Qualification stage.

The Breakout stage is your chance to battle it out in weekend tournaments. Here’s the catch: you’ll need tickets earned during Qualification to participate, and the number of matches is limited. Don’t worry if you run out of tickets without reaching the top – your progress carries over to the next week, so you can keep trying!

Climbing the Ranks and Winning Big

Everyone starts at the bottom rung in Breakout, but by playing and winning matches, you’ll climb the ladder and face tougher opponents. Each week’s Breakout stage culminates in an eight-team knockout tournament, with the winning team taking home the champion’s glory.

The more championships you win, the higher your Breakout level goes. And guess what? Higher levels mean even more exclusive rewards to flaunt your skills!

Get Ready to Rise in June!

Mark your calendars, because the MLBB Rising League is set to launch in June 2024. So, hone your skills, prepare for exciting competition, and get ready to rise to the challenge in this brand new game mode!

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