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Mastering Karrie: The Lost Star in Mobile Legends

In the diverse universe of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Karrie, the Lost Star, shines as a formidable marksman hero with the unique ability to deal true damage. This deadly feature allows her to take down even the sturdiest of foes. To harness the full potential of this extraordinary hero, you’ll need the guidance provided in our comprehensive guide, covering her skills, recommended battle spells, emblem choices, the best build, essential combos, and valuable tips.

Karrie’s Skills

Passive – Lightwheel Mark:

Karrie’s basic attacks and skills apply Lightwheel Marks, which accumulate to five stacks on a target. Once five stacks are reached, the marks transform into a Lightwheel, dealing true damage as a percentage of the target’s max HP. This true damage bypasses both physical and magic defenses, making Karrie a tank buster.

First Skill – Spinning Lightwheel:

Karrie releases a sphere of energy in a designated direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path. Upon impact with an enemy hero or reaching maximum travel distance, the sphere continuously damages nearby enemies and significantly slows them for one second. Use this skill for lane pressure and area control.

Second Skill – Phantom Step:

Karrie dashes in the chosen direction while throwing a Lightwheel at the nearest enemy, dealing physical damage and applying a Lightwheel Mark. When in Dual Wield state, she throws two Lightwheels instead. Maximize this skill for mobility and damage output.

Ultimate – Speedy Lightwheel:

Karrie enters the Dual Wield state, gaining extra movement speed and throwing two Lightwheels with each basic attack. These Lightwheels deal a percentage of basic attack damage and inherit attack effects. Activate this ultimate strategically during duels or escapes.

Recommended Battle Spell

Select “Flicker” as your battle spell to enhance mobility, enabling you to chase down opponents or escape precarious situations. However, if the enemy team boasts crowd control abilities, “Purify” is a wise alternative. It removes debuffs, allowing you to escape danger or re-engage in combat.

Recommended Emblem

The Marksman emblem suits Karrie perfectly, providing significant boosts to attack speed, adaptive attack, and lifesteal. Alternatively, the Assassin emblem offers adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. Talents like “Swift” (for attack speed) and “Tenacity” (for extra defense when low on HP) complement her abilities. Opt for the core talent “Quantum Charge” for periodic movement speed boosts and HP restoration when dealing basic attack damage.

Karrie’s Best Build

To maximize Karrie’s true damage output, prioritize attack speed items in your build. Here’s an optimal build for Karrie:

  1. Corrosion Scythe: Kickstart your attack speed and Lightwheel Marks stacking.
  2. Tough Boots: Enhance durability with reduced crowd control duration.
  3. Demon Hunter Sword: Amplify attack speed and lifesteal.
  4. Golden Staff: Further boost attack speed and critical hit rate.
  5. Wind of Nature: Gain temporary immunity to physical damage.
  6. Athena’s Shield: Mitigate magic damage effectively.

Easy Combos to Learn

  1. Laning Pressure Combo: Use “Spinning Lightwheel” to damage and slow enemies in the lane. Follow up with “Phantom Step” to apply Lightwheel Marks and basic attacks to trigger them. This combo is effective for harassing opponents.
  2. Retreat and Disengage Combo: When facing a disadvantageous matchup, use “Spinning Lightwheel” to clear minion waves efficiently. “Phantom Step” will be your escape tool to disengage and retreat safely.
  3. Engagement and Kill Combo: Before engaging in combat, activate “Speedy Lightwheel” for extra damage. Start by hitting your target with “Spinning Lightwheel” to slow them down. Chase them down with “Phantom Step,” and secure the kill with basic attacks. This combo maximizes your damage potential.

Positioning is Key

As a marksman, positioning is paramount. Stay in the backline during team fights or position yourself where teammates can protect you while you deal devastating damage. Keep an eye on the map, remain vigilant, and adjust your positioning accordingly to ensure you stay alive and carry your team to victory.

Karrie, the Lost Star, stands as a true damage powerhouse in Mobile Legends. With her Lightwheel Marks and remarkable mobility, she can turn the tide of battles. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to master Karrie effectively. Unleash true damage and dominate the battlefield with this exceptional marksman. So, equip yourself with the right skills, items, and strategies, and let Karrie light the way to victory in Mobile Legends.

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