MLBB patch 1.8.08 update

MLBB Patch 1.8.08 Update: Hero Balance Tweaks, Exciting New Skins, and More!

Mobile Legends players, get ready for some exciting changes and fresh content with the MLBB Patch 1.8.08 update! In this advanced server update, developers have addressed hero balance issues. Introducing adjustments and nerfs to ensure a fair and competitive gameplay experience. Additionally, the update includes an array of breathtaking new skins that will undoubtedly elevate your in-game style. Let’s dive into the details of this highly anticipated update.

Hero Adjustments

So, to maintain a balanced and competitive environment, the development team has fine-tuned some of the overperforming heroes. Here’s a rundown of the changes:

  1. Ling: The swift assassin’s attack speed ratio has been slightly decreased from 1 to 0.8. Bringing his power in check while still remaining a formidable threat.
  2. Yve: The cooldown of Yve’s ultimate ability has been increased from 58-50 seconds to a flat 60 seconds. This change aims to ensure that her ultimate ability is used more strategically.
  3. Vale, Miya, Beatrix, Mathilda, and Floryn: The adjustments for these heroes have been reverted temporarily, as further testing is required to achieve the desired balance. Expect more precise tweaks in the future.

New Skins Galore!

Get ready to amp up your hero’s style with an array of captivating new skins. That will be available as part of the MLBB Patch 1.8.08 Update:

  1. Kadita “Hydromancer” Skin: Dive into the depths of the ocean with Kadita’s stunning new skin, available for 749 Diamonds. During the launch week, you can grab it at a tempting 30% OFF!
  2. Kagura “Beyond the Clouds Kagura” Skin: Participate in the Elven Scroll event on 08/08/2023 (Server Time) for a chance to obtain Kagura’s enchanting new skin with discounts of up to 100%.
  3. Xavier and Edith “Beyond the Clouds” Skins: Explore the heavens with these limited-time skins, available in themed draw events on 08/12/2023 (Server Time).
  4. Chou “ECHO” Skin: Channel your inner champion with the M4 Champion Squad Skin for Chou, available for pre-sale from August 14, 2023, and officially released on August 21, 2023 (Server Time).
  5. Ruby “Prismatic Plume” Skin: On August 30, 2023 (Server Time), embrace the vibrant and colorful Prismatic Plume skin in the Grand Collection.
  6. Alpha “Star Enforcer” Skin: Be prepared to shine bright in September with the StarLight Skin for Alpha, available on September 1, 2023 (Server Time).
  7. Fredrinn and Lylia “Neobeast” Skins: Unleash your inner beast with these fierce skins, available in the Neobeasts event on September 5, 2023 (Server Time).
  8. Karrie “Ice Talon” Skin: Frost the battlefield with Karrie’s chilling new skin, purchasable from September 11 (Server Time) with a 30% OFF during the launch week.
  9. Beatrix “Vibrant Fiesta” Skin: Get ready to party with Beatrix’s Project Create Skin, available on September 27 (Server Time) with a 30% OFF launch week promotion.
  10. Odette and Lesley Revamped Skins: Stay tuned for revamped designs of Odette’s “Virgo” and Lesley’s “Stellaris Ghost” skins, offering a fresh look to these beloved heroes.

Profile and Namecard Backgrounds

Moreover, In addition to the stunning new skins. The update also introduces captivating profile and namecard backgrounds inspired by the Beyond the Clouds event:

  1. Personal Profile Background: Aetheria: Obtain this enchanting background via the Beyond the Clouds event, available on 08/12/2023 (Server Time).
  2. Profile Namecard Background: World Tree: Embrace the splendor of nature with this namecard background, attainable through the Beyond the Clouds event on 08/12/2023 (Server Time).

System Adjustment

The developers have streamlined the system by merging the “Log Out All Devices” and “Login History” functions into a more user-friendly “Device Management” feature. Furthermore, players with characters on multiple servers will now benefit from the Secondary Password’s effectiveness across all servers. Over being limited to just their current server. These adjustments aim to enhance the overall convenience and security of the game for all players.

If you want to find out more about the update, check out this video from Elgin as he explains the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.08 in details:

The MLBB Patch 1.8.08 Update brings an exciting mix of hero balance adjustments, new skins, and immersive backgrounds. Players can expect a more balanced and engaging gaming experience with the carefully curated hero adjustments. Additionally, the influx of stunning skins adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your favorite heroes. So, gear up and dive into the action-packed world of Mobile Legends to experience all these fantastic changes and enhancements firsthand!

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