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Mobile Legends Masters Assemble: Clash of Champions at Games of the Future 2024!

Yo, Mobile Legends fam, prepare to dropkick boredom ’cause Games of the Future 2024 is about to nuke the esports scene from Feb 26th to March 2nd! Imagine Kazan, Russia, transforming into an epic LAN party, where 16 teams sling skills hotter than your phone’s battery after aRanked marathon. This ain’t just about pixels and glory, it’s about a mouthwatering US$1 million prize pool.

Think AP Bren flexing their world champ crowns and ready to rumble with ONIC, Blacklist, and RRQ? Hold onto your controllers, because fresh squads like KeepBest and Deus Vult are bringing the heat. This ain’t just MPL vs. the world, it’s a clash of titans and rising stars with enough hype to fill an Estes ultimate.

Check out AP Bren road to victory at the M5 Championship and why Philippines are so good at MLBB and other esports here. AP Bren wins M5 Championship.

Group Stage? More like Group Rage. We’re talking 16 teams, 4 groups, and best-of-three battles so intense they’ll make Fanny’s ult look basic. Only the top squad from each group skips the first playoff gauntlet, the rest gotta grind it out like that last minion before Lord Turtle. Don’t finish bottom, bro, cuz that’s a one-way ticket to noobville.

Game of The Future Teams:

AP BrenPhilippinesDirect invite
Blacklist InternationalPhilippinesDirect invite
ONIC EsportsIndonesiaDirect invite
RRQIndonesiaDirect invite
KeepBest GamingChinaDirect invite
Rose NoireRussiaPhygital Games 3 Qualifier
Team LilgunMongoliaPhygital Games 9 Qualifier
Deus VultRussiaPhygital Games 10 Qualifier
Team FlashSingaporeDirect invite

Playoffs? More like Slay-offs. Every match is a spicy best-of-three brawl, except the grand finale where champions are crowned in a legendary best-of-five showdown. Will AP Bren keep their crowns shiny? Will a new hero rise from the ashes and claim the throne? Tune in and find out, live-streamed straight to your screens!

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